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100% of your donations go directly to funding the rangers' anti-poaching activities and are managed by Wildlife Works. There are no other middlemen or nonprofit brokers. 

The monthly cost for one mobile unit of 8 rangers to do daily patrols are as follows: 

- Salary for 8 Trust rangers 200,000KES

- Living costs 80,000KES

- Vehicle repairs and services 20,000KES

- Fuel 60,000KES

- Insurance, miscellaneous etc 50,000KES

- Air support per team 60,000KES 


470,000KES or US$4,700 per month, approximately US$56,400 per year.


Our goal is to raise $564,000 which is the amount needed to run our entire ranger team of 85 plus the air support. We thank you for any support you can give to help us continue our work. 

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GIFT YOUR DONATION: To give your donation as a gift:

1. donate with the donate button above

2. forward the payment receipt to elephants (at)

3. in the forwarded email, include the name, message, and recipient's email 

You and the recipient will receive an email certificate of the donation. 


For $100 or more, receive a Protect our Elephants tee made by Wildlife Works' Eco Factory. U.S. addresses only. Until inventory lasts.

For $500 or more, receive a 10 tonne carbon offset that goes to protecting the forest in our protection area. 

For every $1000 donation, receive 3 nights stay and guided tours at Wildlife Works for one person. Just get yourself here!